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If you ever feel like you were born in the wrong century and that your true nature is that of 18th century royalty, then this London tour might just be the perfect thing for you.

Royal Day Out is an “immersive fashion experience in London,” as its owner Lauren Gheysens puts it. Guests start the tour by choosing their 18th century costumes, most of which are custom made following Lauren’s own designs – gowns, wigs, jewellery, embroidered jackets, everything is there. Once their transformation is complete, they are ready to hit the streets of the United Kingdom’s capital for a striking contrast between the old and the new, and some very social media-worthy photos.

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Dress to Empress:

It takes dedication to go for a Royal Day Out, an immersive “fashion experience” hosted by guides Lauren and Max, who, for a price ($120), will dress you as 18th-century royalty and lead you through the streets of West London for three hours, taking pictures as you go. The journey starts on Portobello Road, where your ruffled and bewigged alter ego will browse antiques stalls. Next, it’s through Notting Hill to royal park Kensington Gardens, to “frolic.” There will almost certainly be pubs involved (first prosecco is on your guides).

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